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What is EmbraceRF?

EmbraceRF is like a special treatment that helps tighten your skin and reshape your face without needing big surgeries. It uses a kind of energy called radiofrequency to make your skin firmer and give your face a younger look. It's not as intense as a regular surgery, and it can make your face smoother and tighter without needing a lot of recovery time.

It is an advanced cosmetic procedure used for facial contouring and rejuvenation. It's a minimally invasive technique that combines two procedures: radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL) and minimally invasive surgical techniques.

RFAL involves the use of controlled radiofrequency energy to target and reshape tissues beneath the skin. By applying this energy, EmbraceRF helps to tighten the skin, reduce fat, and contour the face, providing a more youthful and defined appearance.

The procedure aims to address concerns such as sagging skin, fine lines, and excess fat in the face and neck region. EmbraceRF is considered less invasive compared to traditional surgical facelifts and can often provide noticeable results with shorter downtime and fewer risks.

EmbraceRF Procedure

Consultation : You'll have an initial consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. They'll assess your concerns, discuss your goals, and determine if EmbraceRF is suitable for you.

Preparation : On the day of the procedure, you'll be prepared for the treatment. This might involve cleansing your face and administering local anesthesia or sedation to ensure comfort during the procedure.

RFAL Treatment : The surgeon uses a specialized device that emits controlled radiofrequency energy. They make small, precise incisions and insert a thin probe beneath the skin. The RF energy heats the targeted tissues, causing them to contract and tighten.

Tissue Reshaping : The RF energy helps reshape and contour the tissues, reducing fat and tightening the skin in the treated areas. The surgeon may use different techniques to sculpt the face according to your desired outcome.

Recovery : After the procedure, there might be some swelling, redness, or minor discomfort. The recovery period varies, but it's typically shorter than traditional surgery. The surgeon might provide post-procedure instructions and suggest follow-up visits to monitor your progress.

Results : Over time, as the treated tissues heal and the collagen production increases, you should notice gradual improvements in skin tightness and facial contour.

EMI OPTIONS AVAILABLE FROM BAJAJ FINSERV for EmbraceRF - Facetite/Acutite/Bodytite/Morpheus Treatments.

Who is a suitable candidate for EmbraceRF?

EmbraceRF is generally suitable for individuals looking to address mild to moderate facial skin laxity, fat deposits, and contour irregularities without opting for more invasive surgical procedures. Suitable candidates often exhibit the following characteristics:

Mild to Moderate Skin Laxity: Candidates with mild to moderate skin sagging or laxity in the face and neck areas.

Desire for Facial Contouring: Those seeking improvement in facial contours, including jawline definition, reduction of jowls, or refining the neck area.

Realistic Expectations: Individuals who have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the procedure, understanding that EmbraceRF offers noticeable but gradual improvements.

Good Overall Health:

Candidates in good general health with no underlying medical conditions that might hinder the healing process.

Specific Concerns:

People with localized fat deposits, fine lines, or wrinkles who want a non-surgical solution.

Willingness for Minimally Invasive Procedures: Individuals interested in a minimally invasive approach to facial rejuvenation rather than opting for more invasive surgical methods.

During this consultation, the professional can assess the individual's specific concerns, medical history, and overall suitability for the EmbraceRF procedure. They can also discuss alternative treatments and provide personalized recommendations based on the individual's needs and goals.

Our Medical Team

Our medical team comprises highly accomplished and dedicated doctors,nurses,physicians. Our doctors prepares personalized treatment plans considering patient’s persona which truly integrates whole person.

Cost of EmbraceRF

Since the recommended cosmetic surgery will differ from person to person, the overall cost of treatment can also vary depending on numerous factors.

Patients should discuss the total cost of surgery with their surgeons.

Cosmetic surgery is generally not covered by any medical insurance. However, once in a while, if there is a medical condition related to the surgery, there can be some form of insurance compensation available.

Mostly medical insurance is provided to surgeries used to repair birth defects, reconstructive surgery after an accident or severe burns etc.

FAQs of EmbraceRF

Is EmbraceRF safe?

When performed by a qualified and experienced professional, EmbraceRF is considered safe. However, as with any medical procedure, there are potential risks and side effects, which will be discussed during the consultation.

How long does the procedure take?

The duration can vary based on the areas being treated and the extent of the procedure. Typically, EmbraceRF treatments can take from one to a few hours.

Is there downtime after an EmbraceRF procedure?

There might be some swelling, redness, or minor discomfort post-procedure. However, downtime is generally shorter compared to traditional surgical methods.

How many sessions are needed?

The number of sessions required varies based on individual goals and the extent of treatment needed.

Are the results permanent?

While EmbraceRF can provide long-lasting results, the natural aging process continues. Maintenance treatments might be recommended to sustain the outcomes.

Medical Finance Services

Most of the time cosmetic surgeries are not covered by medical insurance unless the problem is medical. In such cases ask our staff whether any finance is available for certain surgeries. If finance is available you need to fill the form with some required and documents.

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