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About India and Medical Tourism

In India Medical tourism in plastic surgery has recently become popular due to growth in international relations and cost effective economy of that makes it easy for medical travelers to get treatments done. Medical travelers from different parts of the world consider India as their ‘destination of beautification’ because procedures with excellent cosmetic surgeons are easily available at reasonable costs in India. Cosmetic surgeons in India perform cosmetic surgeries that enhance the beauty of a person. These cosmetic treatments include various cosmetic procedures like face-lift, eyelid surgery, tummy tuck surgery, buttock lifts, breast augmentation & much more, to enhance complete body structure and looks. Our clinic is designed primarily for cosmetic surgery in India, are well equipped with high-end advanced technology for surgical facilities. At Dhanwantari’s Chrysalis we provide the best treatments and make patients at ease during their trip.

Now India is one of the most prominent destinations all around the world for medical treatment. Dhanwantari Chrysalis is a well connected institution for specialized treatments and complicated surgeries like cosmetic surgery.

Have you ever imagined what makes India the best option to get cosmetic procedures done? Let us delve into the reasons that make India the best place for getting medical help, especially when it comes to cosmetic surgery:

A country with young and talented hands, skilled and professional minds and extremely devoted doctors, India is the finest place in the world for medical tourism.

Why Pune

Pune for Cosmetic Surgery

Dhanwantari Chrysalis Clinic welcomes you to Pune, The Cultural Capital of Maharashtra state , and is referred to as the “Oxford of the East”.

During your stay in Pune, you can soak in INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS the fusion of the old and the new worlds. Book yourself into one of the respectable hotels or guest houses nearest to our Clinic and plan your cosmetic surgery tourism wisely. After your treatment procedure at Dhanwantari’s Chrysalis, you can take the opportunity to get a feel of the city and experience its timeless charm and magic.

Pune: In sickness and in health : Focus on preventive health check-ups, apart from prompt emergency services and excellent healthcare facilities, make Pune an ideal healthcare hub. With over 550 hospitals that offer good tertiary care, Pune is fast emerging as a leading centre for quality healthcare in the country.

The city is dotted with a perfect mix of the old historical monuments and the new modern entertainment avenues (‘Pune ATTRACTIONS’); several tourist attractions that are a synergy of the old and the new, dot the city of Pune.

If you are keen to savour the modern Pune shopping culture, there are numerous malls, shopping plazas, to cater to your desire for modern techno gadgets, garments, etc. Those who would like to get a feel of the famous Punei cuisine like Misal, Wada Pav, Pithal Bhakri, Upma, Pohe, Maharashtrian Thali etc.. and can find several swanky and traditional restaurants and eatery houses that cater to your gastronomic tastes.

Why Dhanwantari’s Chrysalis

It is important for you as a patient to know what kind of plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments you require and then find the right plastic surgeon for your treatment. Cosmetic surgery procedures in India (included in medical tourism packages), have seen many advancements over the years. These technological up-gradations are based on thorough research and safe treatment techniques .

Dhanwantari Chrysalis is a premium aesthetic center that provides the best cosmetic surgery in India. This venture has turned out to be nothing short of a miracle for many of our Indian and International patients. We are a proud provider of more than 50 services related to Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic treatments

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