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What should I do to prepare for surgery?

Above all else, rest assured that this page is not the only place where you will receive information about preparation for, or recovery from, any procedure done at Dhanwantari’s Chrysalis . This page is only intended to give you some general ideas of what the process entails, since most people have not been exposed to cosmetic surgery except for what they’ve seen on TV or Youtube (which is the worst place to get information).

Every client we see gets a thorough explanation, verbally and on paper, of what they should expect and what to do before and after surgery (or even small procedures). We know how anxious people are about surgery, and that they can sometimes feel overwhelmed (and everyone remembers an important question as soon as they get home). You’ll be given the chance to ask any and all questions, face-to-face with Dr. Salil and our staff. If you forget to ask something, You can call us or even visit us, We want you to be comfortable and reassured before and after. Any time you have a question or concern after surgery, Dr. Salil will be more than happy to see you so be assured that you will get the attention you deserve at any time.

Since your recovery process will briefly take you away from regular daily activities and household chores, we recommend having prescriptions filled, laundry and dishes done, and making arrangements for child care and household help if needed. If you are undergoing sedation or general anesthesia, you should arrange for someone to drive you home from your surgery and supervise you for some time.

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