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Men and Cosmetic Surgery

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Men and Cosmetic Surgery


We are observing that more men are opting for cosmetic surgery procedures. Studies have also indicated India to be one among the countries where the number of men undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures is on the rise.This phenomenon is not restricted to the large cities only and has penetrated the small towns as well. And its not just actors, celebrities or stage performers, but men from all walks of life who are availing of cosmetic or aesthetic surgery. It may be triggered by social media that has made men conscious about their physical features or maybe just the social acceptability of men undergoing cosmetic treatments is on the rise. The question now is no longer why but why not? If women can enhance their appearance with surgery why not men? If women can have mommy-make-over why not a daddy-do-over for men who are now changing their lifestyle post fatherhood and sharing parenting responsibilities equally? Whatever the reasons, there is no doubt that both men and women deserve to be confident and happy with their appearance. 


Men are now seeking medical help for issues ranging from facial scars to gynaecomastia or man boobs. While the most common reason among men to undergo plastic surgery is to feel more confident, looking younger is not a reason far behind. While the need for procedures like nose job/ rhinoplasty and scar removal may arise from birth deformities or being in an accident, poor lifestyle choices and sedentary work environment have also contributed to problems like beer belly, man boobs or midrifffat accumulation that are difficult to get rid of. Sometimes, no matter how many hours are spent sweating at the gym or umpteen diets tried, the dream body always seems just out of reach. And not just young men, even older men desire to have a body that makes them feel comfortable with themselves.



Plastic surgery, more specifically aesthetic or cosmetic surgery definitely offers a long lasting and rapid solution in such cases. The cost of different plastic surgery procedure depends on a variety of factors like the procedure in question, the condition of the patient, the expertise of the surgeon and so on. But cost alone here is not a factor to determine if cosmetic surgery is a solution to such issues. The man intending to opt for a particular plastic surgery has to be medically fit to undergo the same and must be willing and cautious to undertake proper post operative care. Also, just like men and women experience the same issues like weight gain, skin problems, hairloss and so on differently it must be noted that the procedures, results and the care for men and women are also different.


The ideal way to go about undertaking a cosmetic surgery procedure is to first consult a good Plastic surgeon who is trained in Cosmetic Surgery. Asking the right questions and getting all doubts cleared before making a decision will go a long way in helping to make the right choice. Most importantly, having realistic expectations is the key to achieving desired results. Lastly, your body = your choice... gender and age are secondary. If you feel you should opt for plastic surgery and if you are medically fit for the same, a good plastic surgeon will help you fulfil your dream.



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